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"At the end of the day, coaching gives me great personal satisfaction. I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle and sharing my knowledge with others. I have had success in training Elite Athletes and feel that I am able to bring out their potential due to my genuine passion for self-improvement through sport."

Meet the Coach

My name is Thomas Triantafyllou, I was born in 1994 in Greece, but I currently live in Germany. I began training in rowing at the age of 12 and won the Greek National Championship five times and the Balkan Championship twice while competing as a national team athlete. Except for these achievements, I took part in a lot of rowing races, as well as long distance running, road & mountain biking, transition sports, swimming, etc. My passion for sports drove me to study Physical Education and Sports Science BSc. and Exercise Physiology MSc. The peak of my career as a coach so far was working as the Greek National Rowing team's coach. While there, I took full advantage of learning from some of the world's best coaches.
Since 2006 when I took up sports, I have experienced victories and joy, but also many setbacks. However, through these experiences and missed opportunities, I have since then turned them into motivation and strengthened my passion for coaching. I created Advanced Physical Activities in order to impart all these experiences and, in combination with my scientific background, to create effective and safe, scientifically based training plans.

P.S. My competitive sporting journey was interrupted by Ankylosing Spondylitis, which I have had since 2013 but was only diagnosed in 2019. However, I never gave up and I am still trying to get the best out of myself!

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Meet the Scientific Team


B.Sc. Physical Education & Sport Science, B.Sc. Physical Therapy, M.Sc. Exercise & Quality of Life

Christos is a Professional Sport Scientist who currently works as an SC coach at Panionios F.C. in Athens, Greece & as a Freelancer Personal Trainer. Apart from that, he is still an active football player in the local league, but in the past he had been playing football at a professional level and had also competed in Sprint-Running events. His academic and sporting background are the keys to a successful cooperation.

mimi ZIAKA

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics, M.Sc. Nutrition in Health & Disease, M.Sc. Nutritionist in Sport Nutrition

Mimi is a former Rowing National Champion from Greece, where she works as a Professional Dietitian & Nutritionist. However, her clients are not limited to the Greek area only, but they come from all over the world. Her strong studies in Nutrition as well as her personal experience in competitive sports, make her a valuable colleague. 

B.Sc. Physical Education & Sport Science, M.Sc. Clinical Ergospirometry, Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation & Advanced Technologies, Ph.D. Candidate University of Verona

Foivos is a young and motivated Clinical & Scientific Advisor from Greece who currently works at Euleria Health in Italy. His scientific knoledge provides him with a unique understanding for pathological condition assessment and exercise therapy. Except for that, he is a life-time athlete who takes part in Road & Mountain Running events and in the past he has been competed as an Ice Hokey player in a local league.


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