Find Other Training services that fit your needs

The Other Training Services that we offer are perfect if:

You liked our remote or in-person Training services, but they didn't cover your needs
You 're Willing to make a commitment to your health & performance goals

You’re different and we’ve got you.

We are professionals who help elite athletes and everyday people break through plateaus in physical performance and deal with chronic pain with individualized training and testing. To do this, we create a clear path for each individual by meeting them where they’re at and guiding them to where they want to go. We don't shy away from complex cases. Ask us for a FREE quote for your specific goal and we will tell you if we are suitable for your needs. If we are not the right fit for you, we will recommend a specialist who could be.

Fitness/Performance Testing

We perform Fitness/Performance Testing for teams or individuals. These tests include VO2max, RMR, Blood Lactate, FMS, HRV, Skinfold Measurements, BIA, Critical Speed, and more. The results are followed by consultation and suggestions.

Teams & Top-Level Athletes
Remote & In-Person

Are you a top-level amateur athlete, a professional or a team? We provide exclusive services for you (+ Altitude Training etc.), as well as an indirect pricing model (payment through results and/or sponsorships) after negotiation. We also provide Sports-Specific Consultation.

Special Occasions
Remote & In-Person

Are you getting married soon and you want to be at a certain fitness level for your wedding? Do you wish to acquire specific physical conditioning for military training, or do the requirements of your new film necessitate changes in your fitness profile? You either need to train at "unorthodox" hours or have a limited amount of time for training. We are here to make it work for you.

Large Groups Training

Our top In-Person service is now available for Large Group Training sessions, from 5 to 12 people, indoors or outdoors.

Family Fitness

Combine practicity with the best value and excellent quality for your beloved ones with the Family Fitness combo. Save time and money while keeping your family healthier and closer together.

Corporate Fitness

Apart from its well-known health, body & mind benefits, exercise simultaneously works as a strong team-building tool. Thus, healthier employees with no back pain, with a happier attitude and better interpersonal interactions can be more efficient and pleased than ever.

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