About Our Services

Online or On-Site training, Teams or Individuals, Professional Athletes or Amateur Sports Enthusiasts, trying to go beyond limits or trying to get back into training. Whatever category you belong to, our team is here, ready to help you achieve your goals!
Our team consists of Scientists dedicated to providing individualized, scientifically based training plans for you to reach your potential in the safest and most optimized way. By following the next three steps, we create the perfect plan for each case.
  1. We Analyse We examine your personal needs, goals, medical history, current and past physical condition, everyday schedule, routines & habits, and many more.
  2. We Plan We create our individualized training plans based on your analysis and on the most recent scientifically proven methods. 
  3. We Perform We provide guidance to you on how to perform your training plan effectively and safely for optimal results. We test you in a lot of different disciplines, and we compare your data in order to see the rate of improvement. 

We Differ
We differ from our competitors because:
  • Our team consists of PROFESSIONALS who have at least a Bachelor's Degree, not just some weekend seminars or emperical athletes.
  • We analyse your needs and we create INDIVIDUALIZED training plans, not just copies of other programs.
  • We create plans following the latest SCIENTIFIC literature.
  • We use MODERN and ADVANCED technological devices and methods to plan, track, and analyse your training and physiological status.
  • All the members of our team have been or are still ATHLETES. This gives us the advantage of understanding our customers better and not just applying sterile scientific guidelines.
  • We keep track of the progress of our customers by conducting tests frequently, thus, we can MONITOR the exact progress of each individual.